How To Pick The Best Airport Hotel?

Picking a good hotel can be a difficult process as there are endless amounts of information available. Different websites, booking processes, reviews, pictures – you name it, you can find it.

To make the process more streamlined, you need a plan going in; a family holiday will have different priorities to a solo traveler attending a work conference. It’s far easier to find a hotel this way than just searching the location and hoping for the best!

Pick Your Requirements

Most hotel comparison sites allow you to filter their listings by your necessities. Be sure to have a list of things you can’t live without.

Whether it is a free breakfast or a soundproofed hotel, free WIFI or complimentary parking, these are all deciding factors in the booking process. Be careful of the small print as sometimes amenities are only included in the price of luxury rooms – don’t get caught out paying more than you have to!

Check The Reviews

This is a tool that you will have to use your better judgment as they are both helpful and misleading at the same time. It is recommended to check several sites to see what the consensus is.

Make sure to read the poor reviews as well as the good ones to find out exactly what people didn’t like. If there was a party next door then that won’t apply to you, but if the WIFI consistently doesn’t work then you would be better off avoiding it.

Check The Location Carefully

Despite the hotel having ‘airport’ in the name, it might not actually be at the airport. If you book accommodation for the convenience but end up taking a lengthy bus ride to reach it, then it defeats the point of booking.

Make sure to check the distance yourself as it is easy to be misleading when it comes to distance. A hotel that is five minutes’ drive from the airport sounds perfect, but it might also translate into a 45-minute walk that ruins your arrival.

Mixing Up Dates

This is easily done with international travel when you leave one time zone and arrive in another. Make sure to check the hotel policy for travelers arriving in the early hours – an airport hotel without 24-hour check-in is unusual but can happen.

With these hotels, you won’t have to factor in travel times, so it makes the whole booking process a lot easier as you won’t be guessing arrival times.