Why Stay In An Airport Hotel?

Airport Hotels have a bad reputation, which previously they may have deserved, but there has been a push to renovate old buildings and make them more desirable. Now you will find most will be modern, convenient and the perfect spot to sleep after a long flight.

It won’t be the most iconic hotel, but you will be surprised by what you find. Plus, it is unlikely to be fully booked!

Easily Accessible

Flying is an exhausting experience and most people land feeling tired, dreading the onward journey. Why not take that part out of the whole experience and stay in an airport hotel?

Once you have your bags, you are free to check-in and treat yourself to a hot shower or some room service. Forget trying to wrangle a taxi or find the correct bus, worry about that in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

It will considerably cut down your travel time and get the holiday started early.

No Stress Arrival

The convenience on arrival can be translated to departures as well. There are lots of variables that can affect your outbound flight, delays, cancellations and getting stuck in traffic that means you miss check-in.

Instead of putting yourself through the stress and boredom of arriving at the airport three hours early just in case – stay there and you will be able to spend maximum time relaxing. If your flight is delayed, a hotel lobby is far greater than a departure lounge!

Convenient For Car Rentals

The cheapest rental deals are usually all from the airport, however the airport is usually quite a journey from your destination. So, in an attempt to save money, many travelers will get into a car, tired from traveling and face difficulties like driving on a different side of the road.

However, a great alternative to this is staying at an airport hotel that is either on the grounds of the airport or offers a shuttle service. You can still get a lift on arrival, have some rest, and get a ride back the next day.

You won’t have to pay for this service, so you will save money on rentals while still getting the cheap deal.

Better Rates

As these hotels aren’t as popular, the prices are usually lower than accommodation in the city Centre. You will often be surprised at the good deal that can be found by thinking outside of the box.

You will just have to be careful that the lower prices reflect the location – not the amenities. There is nothing worse than expecting a hotel and ending up in a basic, hostel-style room so make sure they offer room service, swimming pools, or whatever your deal breaker is.

Alternatively, you could stay in Seaview accommodation such as Ardagh Hotel in Clifden, Connemara.