Is Travel Insurance Essential When Flying

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So, you are going on holiday but may be on a budget and don’t want to pay that bit extra for travel insurance. Travel insurance always comes to mind as in do I really need it and is it worth the money. But in some cases, it really is worth and recommended that you purchase travel insurance if you are heading abroad. Purchase travel insurance the same as you are booking for your holiday, on the one-off chance something may go wrong before your trip away. Whether you are travelling for pleasure or business basic travel insurance will help you stay covered while you are on holiday. So, let’s look at why travel insurance is essential when flying. It is also important to note that if you are travelling with an international moving company such as from one country to another, having this type of cover should also be purchased.

What is Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a policy that offers financial protection and protects you against unforeseen travel incidents like if you had to cancel your trip due to illness or even lost luggage. The policy is made up of travel support services and insurance cover designed to give you travel protection. Whether you are travelling local or abroad the policy is there to help you in the event something goes wrong. Sometimes unnecessary things happen that is why it is important to have travel protection in place.

Policies that you can choose

There are many different types of travel insurance to choose from these include single, multi, or annual trip policy. An annual policy can work out at better value if you travel regularly several times a year. You can also purchase a single policy, a couple’s policy, or a family policy. All policies can vary so always ensure you understand your insurance and always read the terms and conditions. If you are doing more dangerous activities like diving or skiing which would be considered high risk, you should investigate getting a specific policy that would specifically cover those activities as a standard policy may not cover you.

What does travel insurance cover

The insurance cover can differ by carrier and most holiday and travel insurance policies cover various things; these include:

Trip Cancellation

If your trip is cancelled, delayed due to a natural disaster, or you become ill, trip cancellation under your travel insurance policy will reimburse you for non-refundable travel costs. Carrier provided or independent insurance policies offer protection up to the amount that you purchased. Trip cancellation cover is up to 4000 of the cost of the trip if you are unable to travel. Another benefit of this is you will be covered for trip interruption costs. Trip interruption reimburses travellers if you are forced to abandon your travel and trip midway. This will also include an unplanned cost of a flight back home.

Luggage cover

If your luggage is delayed or lost or someone steals something from your bags, travel insurance will pay for the costs of replacing these items. Losing your belongings is always a worry while travelling however once you have travel insurance you will be safely covered. After 12-24 hours of your baggage being delayed, you can claim your policy limit for all essential items. If your baggage was never found or damaged, you can make a claim to buy those possessions back.

Medical Expenses

Medical and accident emergencies can happen and can end up being expensive if you are not covered financially. If you become ill or have an accident abroad then you will be financially covered under your travel insurance policy.

Delayed departure

If your flights are delayed or you miss your connecting flight you will be covered by your travel insurance policy. If your flights are delayed outside of your control your travel insurance policy will protect you. Most policies are different, but if your flight is delayed for over 12 hours your insurance cover will protect you. Insurance will also cover you for expenses such as hotel costs or food.

Accidental death

If someone in your party suffers life-altering accident or dies during your trip away, your insurance will cover you for the limit that is payable by your insurers. All payment options can vary so it is best to do your research and find the best price.

Buying travel insurance is a gamble, however it is recommended that you purchase it in order to protect yourself financially during your holiday abroad. Shop around online to find the right insurer at the best value. Always think about where you are travelling, how often you travel, how old you are, are you travelling on a package holiday or independently, what will you be doing while you are away, and how are you travelling to go on holiday. Your travel insurance should always include delayed baggage, lost or stolen baggage, cancellation or missed flights, medical expenses, personal injury cover, accident cover, and much more. Insurance for travelling is worth purchasing.

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